I believe it is very helpful to learn how you typically talk to yourself about your life and the world. How have your unique life experiences created the “inner dialogues” that lead to self-limiting, dissatifying and sometimes harmful thought and behavior patterns? As we explore these questions together, you will come to better understand what it is you’re saying to yourself about yourself, about how and why things happen, and what you tell yourself those things mean. From there you can learn how to have a different kind of inner dialogue that empowers you to make changes in the thinking, feeling and behavior you decide are important to you.

Secondly, I believe that we are whole people comprised of various parts or aspects, which develop as a result of our life experiences, both positive and negative. My job is to assist you in becoming acquainted with these different and sometimes conflicted aspects, so you gain a fuller understanding about where they come from and their roles in your life. You will learn to open the lines of compassion and communication between various parts of the whole you, empowering change from within.  Next >

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